Upcoming shows and dates will be available here:


Jan 15 @ Thirsty Dog with ‘Big Punch’. (Auckland)

Feb 5 – @ Galatos Basement with Arc of Ascent, Osmium, and Made in China. (Mothra on at 9.30)

March 24 – @ The Kings Arms Tavern with Mutangent, Dreams of the Dead, and Fall of Kings.

July 15 – @ The Kings Arms Tavern with Resporn, Cripple Mr Onion, and Legion. (mothra on at 9.30)

Sep 2nd – @ The Masonic Tavern with Old Kingdom and El Bajo.

Sep 14th – @ Whammy Bar support for RUSSIAN CIRCLES with Lord of Tigers

Oct 28th – @ Whammy Bar, with Rule of Thieves, and Gang Violins.

Dec 9th – @ Masonic Tavern, with Rule of Thieves, Big Punch, and Slipstream.


Jan 27th – @ Kings Arms Tavern, with Snakes of Iron, Fictional Response, and Old Kingdom.

Feb 17th –  @ Kings Arms Tavern, with Rule of Thieves, Big Punch, and UU.

Apr 7th – @ Thirsty Dog, with Roache, and Brigada.

May 19th – @ Whammy Bar – with Lord of Tigers and Prowler.

July 6 – @ Masonic Tavern – with Apex and The Altered States.

August 9 – @ The Kings Arms – with HMN and New Way Home.

August 24 – @ The Kings Arms – with Cobra Khan and Cripple Mr Onion.

September 29 @ Whammy Bar – with Set on End and Beatrix.

November 9 @ The Kings Arms – with Lord of Tigers and Mice on Stilts.


July 20 @ The Kings Arms – El Schlong, New Way Home, and Rule of Thieves.

December 21 @ Galatos – opening for Helmet.


March 14 @ The Kings Arms – with Lord of Tigers and Big Punch.

June 14@The Kings Arms – with Earth and Greenfog.

Sep 27@The Kings Arms – with Heavy Metal Ninjas and I, Satellite.

Nov 14@Galatos – with Jakob.

Nov 15@Lee Sawmill – with Jakob.


Jan 31st @ Whammy Bar- with Kerretta and DYSE (GER)

Jun 6th @ Kings Arms – opening for This Will Destroy You and Sleepmakeswaves.

August 25th @ Kings Arms – opening for The Dillinger Escape Plan.

November 20 @ Kings Arms – 7′ release show with Proton Beast, Shepherds of Cassini, and Mice on Stilts.

December 10 @ Kings Arms – opening for Mono.


Decision Process Album Release shows :

Feb 12th @ Kings Arms – Album Release Tour – Headlined by Heavy Metal Ninjas, w/Arcane Construct. Tickets here : http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/gig/48063/Mothra-Album-Release-Tour.utr

Feb 23rd @ Kings Arms – Support for High on Fire w/ Reaving. Tickets here : http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/ticket/5025/High-On-Fire.utr

Feb 27th @ Valhalla (Wellington) – w/ I, Satellie, Opium Eater, and Altar Elektra. Tickets here : http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/gig/48165/Mothra-Album-Release-Tour.utr

March 12th @ Totara St. (Mt Maunganui)Ant Wars, All Hail the Fun Killers, and King Fish. Tickets here : http://www.undertheradar.co.nz/gig/48166/Mothra-Album-Release-Tour.utr

September 10th @ Kings Arms – opening for Cripple Mr Onion, with Downfall of Humanity.

November 18th @ Kings Arms – w/ His Master’s Voice, and Bloodnut.


April 21st @ Kings Arms – w/ Ginzu and the Steak Knives, Thousand Limbs, and Greenfog.

April 23rd @ Whammy Bar – support for Alcest.

More dates coming!

4 responses to “UPCOMING SHOWS

  1. al

    come to christchurch!!!!

  2. Dean Mehaney

    You need to update your site guys! Saw you last night at Kings Arms you were awesome!! When’s your next gig?

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