2010 : Auckland progressive metal, a productive year

It’s been a productive year for Mothra in 2010. We have played a whole heap of shows around Auckland, refined our music to a whole new level, and are thoroughly looking foward to our upcoming E.P release. We have trialed a number of vocalists but no one has quite fit what we are looking for in terms of range and dynamics etc, but that’s ok. We enjoy playing our songs as they are and alot of people have said they don’t want to hear vocals over them. It is by no means easy music to write to, but finding the right vocalist for atleast some of the material is always on the cards. The E.P will be instrumental, but who knows maybe we will have some vocals further down the track.  Go to the live footage page to check some tracks out if you haven’t already. Tee shirts and a new batch of stickers will be ready before christmas. Here is a new track from Hugh’s sideproject Scapeghost that may cross over into the Mothra live performance at some stage. Final Detachment


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