Mothra band debut video clip for ‘The Beginning’.

Here it is, our debut music video for ‘The Beginning’. This clip was shot in 4 different countries by our good friend Shaun Leyden. You can check out more of his epic work at The track was mixed by Aaron Harris, a member of one of our favourite and most inspiring bands ISIS. We would like to extend an enormous hand of gratitude to both Shaun and Aaron for their exceptional work. We can’t thank you guys enough.

Cheers also to: Rob Christie, Tom Anderson, Lance Powell, Rhamsey, Joost, Rob, Robin, Rene, Jip, Boyd Thwaites, Jamie Whitehouse, Andy Lagan, Billy Goddard, Luke Bradshaw, Mark Howden, and everyone else who helped make this happen.

Some scenes may disturb, viewer discretion is advised.

Crank it…

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